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Homeopathic Cancer Drugs:
Oncology Materia Medica (2nd Ed, 1 Vol)

Homeopathic Cancer Drugs is the first clinical materia medica written specifically with the homeopathic oncologist in mind. It contains every fact the homeopathic cancer specialist needs to know in order to treat cancerous pathologies safely, and with a higher degree of success.

Homeopathic Cancer Drugs contains over 600 remedies and is the most thorough reference work on homeopathic cancer drugs to date. It lists all drugs that have ever been used for the homeopathic treatment of cancer either in clinical practice, case studies or compiled from more than 100 years of homeopathic literature.

Upcoming Seminar: March 13-15, 2020 - NASHVILLE, TN, USA

The Cancer Diathesis Reloaded – 20 Years Later (In person seminar)

Come visit the beautiful NASHVILLE, TN and spend the weekend with The Muellers! Manfred Mueller will guide you on a journey to a more thorough understanding of one of the most profound clinical discoveries of our time – the predisposition to cancer.

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