Mother, Teacher Describes Daughter's Aspartame Symptoms And Recovery

Objective science proves aspartame consumption is not safe. Subjective “science” proves that aspartame consumption is safe. If symptoms develop after one begins consuming products containing aspartame-and reverse only after aspartame consumption has been discontinued-then what more proof does one need to determine whether or not aspartame is safe to consume?   By Barbara Metzler After…

Report On Aspartame And Children

Aspartame is a multipotential toxin and carcinogen. The dipeptide component of the molecule can alter brain chemistry, significantly changing the ratio of catecholamines to indolamines, with resultant lowering of seizure threshold, production of carbohydrate craving and in vulnerable individuals leading to panic, depressive and cognitive symptoms.

Aspartame And Psychiatric Disorders

We are not sophisticated enough at this point in time to fully understand all the implications of the neurochemical changes induced by aspartame, but as a busy clinician I see the profound impact on patients’ lives on a daily basis. It can both produce and aggravate depression, in certain patients it can trigger manic episodes, it can produce or aggravate panic attacks