The Other Medicine

The Other Medicine, LLC was formed to draw attention to the vast array of natural and alternative forms of medicine that are currently being marginalized by mainstream medicine/media/thinking. There very existence states to the fact that people want answers, they want solutions – they are not only willing to accept what the doctor tells them! The body of scientific evidence supporting homeopathy’s validity is growing to match its clinical successes. View some of the 1000’s of studies here and here.

The Other Medicine Publications was started by professional homeopath Manfred Mueller in 2016.


The Other Medicine borrows it’s name from a 1990 article Manfred wrote by the same name, introducing homeopathy to the general public. The article was published in the first Journal of the now defunct North Carolina Society of Homeopaths in 1993. If we can lay our hands on a paper copy of the article, we’ll transcribe it and post it to the blog!

The Other Medicine - Divisions

The Other Medicine has several divisions, including Consulting, Training and Publications. In our Consulting division we provide consultations for both the private individual and business. The Training division focuses on homeopathic instruction for both homeopaths and consumers. The Publications division publishes books by Manfred Mueller on various homeopathic and other topics.