Three Malaria studies in Kenya: a retrospective and prospective open label study in homeopathic treatment and a case-control cohort study comparing effectiveness of homeopathy and coartem

Source: International Journal of High Dilution Resarch . 2015, Vol. 14 Issue 2, p21-22. 2p. Author(s): Brands, Martien; van Berkel, Suzanne Abstract: Malaria still has in Kenya a high mortality and morbidity rate; this is coupled with rising resistance levels to the new standard drug Coartem in several South Asian countries, according to WHO reports.…

A homeopathic nosode, Hepatitis C 30 demonstrates anticancer effect against liver cancer cells in vitro by modulating telomerase and topoisomerase II activities as also by promoting apoptosis via intrinsic mitochondrial pathway

OBJECTIVE: Homeopathic nosodes have seldom been scientifically validated for their anticancer effects. This study was conducted to examine if a recently developed hepatitis C nosode has demonstrable anticancer potential in cancer cells in vitro.

Homeopathic Immunizations for Chikungunya Proven Effective

A Study on the Prophylactic Efficacy of Homoeopathic Preventive Medicine Against Chikungunya Fever Dr R Rejikumar, Dr R S Dinesh etal Abstract: Homoeopathy has established its supremacy in the control of infectious viral diseases. The widespread acclaim in this regard is now supported by this study. The study was conducted in the Chikungunya fever hit…

Homeopathic Immunizations for Leptospirosis Proven Effective

Large-scale application of highly-diluted bacteria for Leptospirosis epidemic control   study by Bracho, et. al. Background: Leptospirosis is a zoonotic disease of major importance in the tropics where the incidence peaks in rainy seasons. Natural disasters represent a big challenge to Leptospirosis prevention strategies especially in endemic regions. Vaccination is an effective option but of…

Aspartame And Psychiatric Disorders

We are not sophisticated enough at this point in time to fully understand all the implications of the neurochemical changes induced by aspartame, but as a busy clinician I see the profound impact on patients’ lives on a daily basis. It can both produce and aggravate depression, in certain patients it can trigger manic episodes, it can produce or aggravate panic attacks