BOOK: Concise Organon
(Retranslated in Simple, Modern Language)


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Samuel Hahnemann’s

6th Ed. Organon of Medicine

Newly Translated and Rendered

in Simple, Modern Language

By Manfred Mueller, MA, DHM, RSHom(NA), CCH

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From the Prologue: The purpose of the Concise Organon is to give the same information in modern, updated language – clearly, and in fewer words. It contains Hahnemann’s Organon of the Rational Art of Healing in its entirety, every aphorism rendered in simple, contemporary language. It presents the key concepts in bold, void of voluminous repetitions, references and/or embellishments. This makes it much easier to read for the modern student. It is recommended to review the Organon before exams. It should be on the desk of every homeopathic practitioner, to be read over and over. Every practitioner of medicine should read it!

The Concise Organon introduces the modern student to the homeopathic principles as efficiently as possible without sacrificing content. It is based on the latest German language version of the 6th edition by Joseph Schmidt (Textkritische Ausgabe), and on direct viewing of Hahnemann’s original manuscript at the Bibliographische Institut in Stuttgart, Germany, to clarify controversial sections.

Even though it adheres very closely to the original text, the Concise Organon is an original piece of art, a result of more than thirty years of study. In researching for this project, Manfred investigated Hahnemann’s personal letters, case books (Krankenjournale), Lesser Writings, Chronic Diseases, Materia Medica Pura, and, of course, all six editions of the Organon in the original language. Mueller also studied the writings of many of Hahnemann’s closest friends and students, and homeopathic periodicals of the time, before crafting his Concise Organon.


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